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How to Get Traffic to Your Landing Pages?

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In this article, we're going to talk about different types of traffic techniques which includes both free traffic and paid traffic sources and we will also look into some ideas on how to get targeted traffic to your opt-in page.

Table of Contents

Best Practices to Get More Traffic Through Organic Results and Paid Methods

You can start building your list of cases is a very important process, and this video is going to run through the different types of traffic sources. And then, in the future, blog posts can break down each one and get into more detail.

You need the traffic to your opt-in page to funnel to your list.

Three different traffic sources:

  • Free Traffic
  • J.V. Traffic and
  • Pay Traffic

We’re talking about each one of these, and it will get in more detail in the next section of this article.

Free Traffic:

I’m just honest with you. First and foremost, free traffic doesn’t happen overnight. There are several different ways to do this, but it’s more of a long-term strategy. I recommend you start with free traffic, but just realize that no matter what you read or hear, there is no push-button free traffic overnight software. It’s going to automate all this for you and just have a bunch of huge lists for you like tomorrow morning. Now with that being said, we’re going to give you the best strategies for optimizing traffic.

Best Ways to Get Free Traffic to Your Landing Page:

  • Forums
  • Message Boards
  • Social (Twitter, Facebook, and Instagram Etc,)
  • Articles and Blog Posting
  • Link Exchanges


They are known as message boards, and these are very specialized and to the point. If you’ve ever done a google search with the question, you’ve probably ended up on a forum with a lot of different people commenting and asking questions and answering questions, and whatnot forms are great.


There are actual norms twitter Facebook things like that on YouTube. Social media is great for free traffic. It’s kind of become the buzz as far as the tree for free traffic is concerned because it’s easy to share, and it’s easy to like and to pass on content to other people in your network. A lot of people have built big lists with social media.


You can write and submit articles to sites like spreads etc. And that’s another great way to drive traffic back to your site. The articles will have links that link back to your site and link back to your page where people will opt-in.

Link Exchange:

Link exchanges and software. Linking changes in software are they’re good. But the three big ones I would stick with I would start with form social media and articles.

Paid Traffic:

Instant quick traffic and then as far as page traffic goes page traffic, the big benefit to page traffic is that it’s faster because the traffic is a lot faster and gets fast traffic and builds a list a lot faster with pay traffic. The big difference is you just have to pay for it. It’s not free like social media are. Free traffic is the way it’s going to work; you’re going to buy the ad you’re going to spend money on the ad that’s going to send people to your page. They can opt-in, which is going to send them to your list. You can then continue to market to them.

There are three different kinds of paid traffic.

  • PPC
  • CPM
  • CPL Etc.

PPC, which is pay per click. You pay every time somebody clicks on your ad. Then there’s a cost per thousand which costs per thousand is a thousand impressions. You pay per 1000 impressions are every time someone sees your ad, and then there’s CPL just costs per lead, and you can get paid for every lead you generate. Every time you generate a name and email for someone, they’ll pay you a dollar fifty cents or whatever.

joint ventures:

The third type of pay traffic is joint ventures. And, with the joint venture, you team up with somebody else that has a list, and you say I’ll mail to my list for you if you mail to yours for me. A joint venture is known as a list swap. It’s kind of one of those things you must have a list before you can do. I mean, if you have a list of five people and you’re trying to talk to someone who has a list of 5000, they’re probably not going to take you very seriously. But once you have a big list and you’ve got your list with free and pay traffic certainly list was just a great way to add to your list. And just get more people you can market. But as I said, you can’t do it until you put your list. And can you reciprocate? , what you’re going to do is you’re going to start with free traffic, and you’re going to start building your list with free traffic, and then you’re going to move on to pay traffic—most free traffic sources like Facebook and Google, etc. Offer advertising in the initial stages. They offer to advertise as well. But the first thing you want to do is take advantage of the free traffic first then do fewer swaps. Free traffic pays traffic than less well. In the next section, we’re going to start and delve into free traffic and talking about how to utilize that, and then we’ll move on to pay traffic.

Free Traffic sources:

In this section, we’re going to talk about free traffic sources and all the different ways to take advantage of free traffic.

The idea that I’m free traffic is that other people are doing the work for you. Essentially, you’re going to drive traffic from free traffic sources to the lead generation page. We’re going to take on all this free traffic drive to our lead generation page. Better go to our list. And then when we’re able to market to our new list.

When I said other people were doing work for you, what I mean is that when someone likes your Facebook page, it’s essentially going to post your page to their account on their Facebook account for their friends to see. And then their friends will click on that link in it. That’s how things go viral. Facebook great for this. YouTube and twitter work great, as well. Good for making things go viral because people can share very easily. Kind of automated.

Lead capture page/Landing Page:

The best to use for a lead capture page is a blog like WordPress. What you can do is most hosting accounts have a quick WordPress install that you can just click on and install WordPress to your account. Once you do that, once you start work press to that page, it automatically becomes a blog. And then once you have WordPress on there and you have a blog. And it’s easy to get plugins to pretty much automate the whole thing.

Things You Must Have on Your WordPress Blog:

retweet and Facebook button

The first thing you want to do is to make sure you have a retweet and Facebook button on your blog. These are simple plugins on WordPress. Once you have word press on your site, you just go into the plugin section and search for a tweet button Facebook button. Very simple. Retweets and shares are going to allow people to click on the twitter button and click on the Facebook button to post to their account. If you’ve ever been to a web site, you’ve seen one of these. They’re everywhere.

Opt-in Form:

You want to have your opt-in form on your blog as well. That’s where people enter their name and email. You have the submit button they can push.

Explainer Video:

you’re going to have a youtube video explaining what to do. One mistake a lot of marketers make is not having a call to action; they don’t tell people exactly what to do. What I like to do is issued a quick youtube video where I explain what to do to make sure if you want to get your free giveaway if you want to get the free premium then you need to like tweet join to get the premium and make sure you let people know that.

It’s very important to let people know that they need to like tweets and join. That’s the three-step process. What you’re going to do is someone is going to come to your blog, and they’re going to like and tweet your video to get the premium. Because you’ve told them to, then their friends are going to see it, and they’re going to come to your page. Then their friends are going to like and tweet to get the premium because they see that’s what they need to do. And then this is going to go on and on and on. And this is how things get viral, and things get shared very easily. , that one person comes to your page, and now you’ve created a whole process where it’s just going to keep going on and on and on. And that’s going to be for every person that comes to your page. That’s why it’s particularly important to have those twitter and Facebook buttons on your page. It’s very important to tell them that they get their gift they need to like tweet and enter their name and email and click submit. And that’s the way to get their gift. It’s quite simple.

Article Submissions:

Another way to use free traffic is article submissions you can submit articles to directories like ezine that are relevant to your niche. And the cool thing of all articles is they’ll include backlinks right back to your capture page. If you’re not a big writer, if you don’t like it do this, you can go on e lance or Upwork and have professional writers for a great price, write your articles for you. They’ll even submit them to ezine and other article directories for you all spin them for you. All those kinds of stuff. Very easy to do as this isn’t something you can do. Article submission is something that most people outsource. If you’re first getting started, you’re bootstrapping. You may just want to google how to write a good article and go from there. But if you’ve got a little cash to play with might as well just to have somebody do this for you while you focus on setting up the page and optimizing your traffic and all that stuff.


Then finally, another place is Facebook, a great place to get traffic. And, if you go to, they’ll build your often page on your Facebook page. Whenever someone likes your page, they automatically opt-in. They don’t have to go to an external site. You don’t have to send them to your blog. They can do it all right there on your Facebook page. That’s a great way to automate it as well. Because like I said, it’s going to send people right back, you aren’t going to send your information to their account where all their friends will be able to see it. It’s like an instant promo. It’s awesome. And you can google how to do this. If you don’t want to pay identities and you don’t like their process to their cost, then you can always google exactly how to do this on your Facebook page. But it’s cool you can just capture emails right on your Facebook page. I think that’s awesome.

Forums and Niche Related Communities:

Finally, you want to take advantage of forums and communities. The way you’re going to do this is you’re going just to google forums on your specific niche and just go at it first go and read the questions see what’s going on and see what people’s biggest pains and frustrations are. See what people want to learn. If people want to know and then eventually you’re going to start to get a feel for the most common issues, then you’re going to go on and answer questions as an authority. You’re going to help people. And remember when you go on these forums and communities don’t spam don’t just put your links everywhere and just think people are going to click on them because they like the color blue and they’re going to show back up on your list.

You want to build a relationship. That’s the best place to do your market research and get to know your customers as forums and communities having conversations with your market is always the best bet you’re going to send people to your blog for your signature. Or you can carefully place the links in your answers. Just make sure it’s niche-specific and make sure you’re relevant. Don’t go. Like I said before, I’m going to form and talk about me other topics. Stick to the niche. And then when you help people they’re going to become loyal customers and followers they’re going to know who’s emailing them because they opted in and you help them they’re going to want more help. And of course, you’re going to want your premium. That’s the different strategies for free traffic and in the next section, we’re going to talk about strategies for pay traffic.

Paid Traffic sources to your Landing Pages:

Paid traffic sources: probably one of the most important modules in email marketing because this is the fastest way just to build a list quickly. It does cost money upfront, but it is the quickest way to do it.

Majorly there are two different types of pay traffic

  • PPC-Pay Per Click
  • Cost Per View

PPC Pay per Click where you pay every time someone clicks on your ad and then there’s a cost per click

  • Google
  • Bing
  • Facebook
  • Yandex

They all have Pay Per Click advertising platforms. Then thousand or CPM it’s the cost per thousand views.

  • Google
  • Bing
  • Facebook
  • Yandex
  • PPV
  • Media Buys

They all have pay per click advertising platforms and a cost per thousand platforms. There are others such as that PPV, which is paid per view and media buys. Media buyers are cool because media buys are where you go on to web sites that are just big web sites like, and you can advertise on those sites you buy media. The only way to do media buys is with cost per thousand. We’re going to talk about the two different ways to do it and how to get into all this. And what’s the best strategy for when you’re just getting started.

PPC vs. CPM:

Let’s talk about PPC versus CPM cost per thousand stands for thousands. The roman numeral for thousand. Me people get that confused. But it’s not a thousand. Let’s say in a pay per click campaign, and you have 1000 views. And let’s say that you’re paying 50 cents per click. Fifty cents, and let’s say you’re paying 50 cents per click. If you have four clicks, it would cost you a total of $2. It doesn’t matter how many views you have. It’s just the clicks. Fifty cents for 4 clicks $2 flat rate. In a cost per thousand situations, let’s say that you have a thousand views, and let’s say that you get four clicks, but if you’re paying a dollar 50 costs for a thousand, it would only cost a dollar fifty. As you can see here, it can be cheaper to do. Cost per thousand.

Start with PPC

Let’s take it out this way. You’ve got your ad, which is money out again, and that sends people to your opt-in. That’s enough people to list, and that sends people to your emails, which sends people to promos. Where they can buy, and that’s a money-back. The trick is to optimize the initial ad to get more conversions for the first ad the money out. The real trick is just to get more and more conversions. You want to get more clicks. What I recommend you do is start with PPC. Figure out how many clicks you get and then optimize your ad to get a higher click-through rate. Once you do that once you get your click-through rate as high as possible, then you can run the ad in the CPM format and try to decrease your bid to save money. When you go into these networks, you make a bid for how much you want to spend. And typically, the highest bid is what ads get shown and whatnot, but if you’ve got a killer app that’s converting, then you can go in and bid a little bit lower and get your ad shown and make a lot of money. The reason this works is that Google, Bing, Facebook all want guaranteed money. You can get away with paying less for a cost per thousand than you do per total clicks.

optimize your PPC

You can go in and bid less because you’ve got a winner. Once you’ve optimized your ad, this becomes profitable. And then, after this, you can move on to media buying on sites that don’t even offer PPC. Once again, what we’re going to do is we’re going to optimize your PPC. We’re going to go in. We’re going just to do the pay per quickly. Get as many clicks as we can. And then once we’ve optimized or and then move into the CPM network. Then go for cost per thousand. You can usually do this on being Facebook. They offer both. You can just do it right there on the same ad platform. Then after we’re done, we’re going to go in, and we’re going to move on to media buying. That’s where a lot of the money is made. They don’t even offer PPC. You can just kill it with media buying if what you’re doing, and you’ve already got a winner ad you’ve already found through PPC and CPM. Then we wanted media buying and then your goal. , that’s kind of an insider secret for paid traffic.

In our upcoming article, we’re going to talk about sending your emails or going on about subject line conversions and while that’s important.

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Picture of Jithender Reddy
I'm Jitender Reddy the Founder of Digital Clerks. Digital Clerks Is an Agency with Tools and Content That Help Entrepreneurs. I Concentrate on the Development of Digital Marketing, SEO. PPC, Social Media Marketing, and Email Marketing Educational Content in Order to Help Individuals Like You to Expand the Power of Tactical Digital Marketing to Grow Your Business Online.
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