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Email Marketing Services

Ideal and High Quality Email Marketing Services at Affordable Prices from Digital Clerks

“Emailing is 40 times more effective at acquiring new customers than Using Facebook or Twitter” – McKinsey

With 4400% ROI and $44 for every $1 spent as per the latest report - campaign Monitor

Email marketing is the king of the marketing kingdom

72% of consumers prefers email as their source of business communication.

So, next time when someone says email marketing is an old tactic of marketing and it’s not going to work anymore think twice. Email Marketing is one of the best methods of online marketing in 2019. For most of the business to interact with their leads or prospects on a personal level. Eighty-eight per cent of smartphone users actively checks email on their phones. Smart Phone users make it more popular than any other app for both iPhones and Androids or any other software. We will ensure that our clients get what they want and that there is no confusion during the design, development, and deployment process.

Team of experts in Email Marketing

There are lots of options and opportunities to re-brand, To get a new website, for traditional advertising etc. It will be a challenging task to pick the right choice and get the best results, mainly when there are a lot of needs and only a little budget.

Email marketing is the king of the marketing kingdom, while there are many benefits of using other platforms for marketing this stat from email marketing that keeps you in business.

Sales Generating Emails

Brand Loyalty Emails

Customer Retention Emails

Customer Win-Back Emails

Tell Us About Your Business We’ll Tell You How We Can Help You to People Hear Your Brand

We always listen to our customers, and we help them not just to reach but to exceed their goals. Benchmark and execution of impactful, integrated programs that work. We can design solutions that you implement, or, if you prefer, we can do the execution and steward them on your behalf. Our experience working across multi-channel platforms means we know how to get things done on time, on budget, and with the right metrics to measure results.

Discover Goals for Your Email Campaign

During the initial phase of an emailing project, we conduct meetings to determine their needs and goals. Understand management’s brand customer experience strategy. We at digital clerks talk to a lot of people, ask a lot of questions and analyze the data we can get our hands-on.

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Email Template Design

Comply on the initial phase of plan details. Re-analyse discovers the phase plan outline. Our team will design your website to your specifications, consistent with your strategic goals and budget. The design is not just the creative expression of the brand; it is creating the context, the content, and the connection between the brand and the customer.

Developing Email Campaign Strategy

It is not uncommon to go through the define, design, improve, and deployment stages many times before the final product is where everyone desires. To put it, the design stage of the methodology is a very dynamic process and requires the most patience, but the resulting payoff is immense.

Deploy and Deliver Results for Email Campaign

There will also be client training available at the beginning of the deployment stage. Our experience working across multi-channel platforms means we know how to get things done on time, on budget, and with the right metrics to measure results


For Any Queries Regarding Digital Clerks Services Send Us an Email to [email protected]

Once the payment gets processed and we receive all the required details, the campaign will get started in the next 24 working hours. (Note: We Consider Sundays as Non-Working Days)

We accept payment through PayPal, Google Pay, Phone Pay, Paytm, Bank Transfer, BTC, and all other Indian UPI payment platforms.

We can’t guarantee any inbox delivery guarantee. Because even if our mailing servers are working in perfect condition with high reputed IP’s still inboxing depends on many other factors like

Bounce Rate
Spam Complaints
Sender Reputation
Email Size
Data Quality ( Double Optin, Non-Optin Data, Etc.)

All the mentioned things above are not in our control. So, it not just from us. No one can give in boxing guarantee until and unless it’s very recent double opt-in data. But we can guarantee maximum delivery rate if there your data is double opt-in, in that case, we can get maximum results for each of your email campaigns.

Due to the nature of service refunds are not possible after the delivery of service. As aforementioned, we always deliver the mentioned service within the said TAT. Fair & Square.

Sure, we can help you to set up all your DNS records (MX, DNS, Reverse DNS, SPF, and DKIM) for the Domain mentioned in the Service. You should provide access to the mentioned domain in that case.

We provide you with a complete setup on your own VPS with your own sending mailer (Mailwizz, Mumara, or Interspire) And integrate with our SMTP or any 3rd party SMTP service provider. We will provide you with a complete guide on how to warm up your IP’s for proper delivery rate and keep up your IP reputation as well. There will be a one time charge for the setup. Please send us an email to [email protected] by mentioning the “Email Server Setup Request” in the subject line.