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Tips to Boost Your Email Campaign Open Rate and Click-through Rate

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In This Article, We're Going to Talk About How to Boost Your Emails Campaign Open Rate, Click Through Rate and Conversion Rate. and Why Sending Is Important to Do Correctly. We Will Also Look into Key Points to Keep in Mind Before Writing Subject Lines and Tips for Email Content That Converts More

Table of Contents

There are a few different problems you can have when it comes to sending.

Email Marketing Problems:

  • Open Rate
  • Click-Through Rate
  • Conversion Rate

open rate:

Once you send your email out, the first thing you’re going to run into is your open rate. If you send over 100 emails and only two people open, then you have what’s known as a spending problem. That means that your open rate is not that good, and you need to optimize that.

Click-Through Rate:

The second issue you could run into is your clicks if you get a lot of open’s, but no one clicks, then that’s another kind of sending problem. That’s a big problem too. That means a lot of people are opening and nobody’s interested in what you’re saying.

Conversion Rate:

If you’re not making any money, which is the third problem, which is known as conversions, you get a lot of opens and clicks, but no one buys. Then you kind of sending problems all these are big spending problems, and there are different obstacles that people face that they have to overcome when it comes to email marketing.

Solutions for Major Email Marketing Platforms:

the solution to open rate problem:

Let’s talk about my solutions. If you have an open rate problem, then the problem is typically your subject line. If you don’t have a good subject line, then you’re probably going to have an open rate problem. The solution here is going to be to optimize your subject line, which we’re going to talk about in the next section of this article.

the solution to Click through rate Problem:

If you’ve got a click problem, then that means that you probably don’t have a very good email content. That means your content’s week. It’s not enticing people to check out the offer and even click on the links that you’re giving them to see what’s next. That’s a different kind of problem. The key here is to optimize your content, which will talk about it.

the solution to the Conversion Rate Problem:

Finally, your conversions or the money you’re making is more or less a problem with your landing page or the affiliate offer that you’re sending people to you. If a lot of people are clicking, they’re opening the emails or clicking on the links, but they’re not buying, then you may want to pick an offer that converts better. You’re probably not sending them to a high converting offer. And I’m going to show you how to find converting offers on click bank. And the final section of this article as well. We’re going to tackle every one of these.

Each one of these has to be dealt with a little bit differently by the end of this module you’re going to know exactly how to write great subject lines write great content and find high converting products that send people to make sure that you’re getting paid for all the work that you’ve done.

Effective Email Marketing Strategies to Make Your Next Email Campaign Successful

Before we talk about subject lines and we talk about content, let’s talk about me sending strategies that you can go and implement overall for sending your emails.

Make sure your affiliate link easily visible and available multiple parts of email:

When you send an email, make sure you link often. Put two to three links in your email to your affiliate offer. That means that you’re going to put one above the fold before they would ever scroll down they’re going to see that first link and then make sure that as they scroll down, they see more links. You can put the links in your header you can put the links in the body. Just make sure you do two to three to make sure that they see it that they have an opportunity to click on it and go to your offer don’t want it; just put one link in your email.

Split Test or A/B Testing:

Secondly, you want to listen to your list, and you’re going to do this by split testing. You want to make sure that you send emails every day for a little while. See how that converts. See what that does to your open rate. See how many unsubscribe you get. See how many complaints you get. See how many clicks through as you get. Just send emails every day and then see send emails every other day to see what’s better. See what’s one. See which one works for you and works for your list. Me people like to give me emails every day. Me, people don’t. It’s going to be up to testing. And you all want to test different times of the day. If the majority of your list works nine to five minutes Friday, then you probably don’t want to send them emails at that time. It might be better to send emails after they get off work they may find that it’s better to send emails during the day. You don’t know until you test. There is a lot of money getting left on the table by people who don’t test this stuff. Test out different times this injury emails test out different days test out once a day test out once every couple of days and just see what works for you.

Do not send the same offer every day:

you want to make sure not to send them the same offer every day. You send someone the same offer every day, then they’re going to you get wise to it, and they’re going to realize that what I’ve already seen this. There’s not going to click on the link because they know the link and they just don’t want to go there because they’ve already been there and they didn’t buy that time. They’re not going to buy this time survive and click on it. And that’s the last thing you want people to do. You want to condition people to see new fresh stuff from you all the time. That they’re going to open they’re going to click. They’re going to want to see what’s going on. There are multiple offers you can choose from daily if you’re in a hot niche if you choose one of those hot niches we talked about earlier. Health and Fitness dating relationships were making money online work from home things like that. And there are all kinds of offers that you’re going to be to find them quick bank that you can promote. Just make sure you split test what offers or work for your list. If you’re in the health and fitness niche on your list may respond better to workout routines than they do diet box and things like that. You just have to split test and see and make sure that you’re looking at the reports and what your response to because that’s the only way to optimize and make the most money from your list.

A couple of rules of thumb for Email Campaigns:

You’ll never know if this is accurate for your list, but this is where you can start what the autoresponders. The first email that they’re going to get is the one they immediately get when they opt-in. It should have directions to download their premium, and also may be a promotion in the p.s. Since this is the first email they get, it’s usually the one that gets open the most. You have directions to download it. And a promotion. But then maybe start every two days after that and test it. See which are open rates or see what your click-through rates are every two days or.

Broadcast Emails

It’s a great place to start your broadcast emails, and these are emails you manually send out to your whole list. Just make sure with your promos you don’t send every day. If you don’t want to send promotions every day, you don’t want just to be one of those marketers is constantly sending promotions and never sending any good content, never going relationship people stop opening after a while. They know it’s just going to be pitch after pitch after pitch doesn’t send promotions every day try to send out content at least two times per week. This is good content quality content.

You can do some research online; you can hire someone in freelancing sites to write a good email for you. Make it niche-specific, and then you can always put that info with your promo link in the p.s. After you’ve written a lot of good content down that you can say oh and by the way is a great resource you should check out. That’s a great way to build trust build rapport, and also maybe makes me money off this email as well. In the next sections of this article, we’re going to talk about how to optimize your subject lines and optimize your content. And then finally how to find great products that convert and make lots of money. We’ll see in the next few ideas.

Sales Email Subject Lines That Boost Your Open Rates

In this section, we’re going to talk about subject lines that work. The main reason we want to optimize our subject lines is that if you don’t have great subject lines and they don’t work, that means people aren’t going to open their emails. And if people end up in their emails are not going to click on anything. They aren’t going to buy anything you’re not going to make any money. We want to have great subject lines that work. A couple of key points here that you want to keep in mind.

Use the First Name in Subject Line:

The main reason that we wanted to get the name and email is we can use the first name code that the autoresponder will give you that you put in every email that you write. That’s going to speak directly to the person. It’s going to personalize the email. That’s going to help your open rate because people will open emails more when it has their name in the subject line.

Keep your subject line in question format:

You al want to ask questions in your email. A good example would be

How Are Things in Your Business Today

that’s just that. That’s when I saw the other day. It was pretty good. Asking questions just kind of like piques people’s curiosity, they want to know more. They kind of want to open the emails just to see what’s going on.

Split Test and Use the Performing Subject Lines:

They all want to split test if you’re getting the subject line is giving you a 5 % open rate. Don’t just settle for that because there’s room to improve. Make sure that you’re split-testing optimize the subject lines. Don’t leave a lot of money on the table because people just aren’t opening your emails. You’re not getting enough opens.

Read Reports Regularly to Filter Nonperforming Subject Lines:

Make sure you read your reports. These reports are going to be provided by your email platforms. They’re going to tell you how many opens you get how many clicks you’re getting all these things it’s very important that you read your reports and then split test optimizing get the best subject lines out that you can.

Key Points to keep in Mind Before writing Subject Lines:

  • Emotion
  • Odd
  • Crazy
  • Personal Reference
  • Curiosity

When you’re writing your subject line is a couple of things to keep in mind is you want to play towards people’s emotions. You don’t want me dry boring subject line that nobody’s going to respond. You want to make it full of emotion. You kind of want to make it a little bit odd a little crazy a little bit different. People get you to know hundreds of emails a day to get someone to open an email. It’s got to stand out. And then also the personal references great using that name and the subject line helps that first name code. And just remember kind of odd, different crazy something that’s going to stand out and kind of pique their curiosity and make them open.

here are a few subject line examples:

That we’ve used and the conversion rates that they got.

“The first name,” we need to talk – 15%+ open rate

just straight up. The first thing we need to talk about. That’s the subject.

Most dangerous web site in the world – 16% + open rate

most dangerous web site in the world at sixteen point two percent. We changed the word from dangerous to profitable just to see what would have been the most profitable website in the world. And it went down to 15 percent. That’s over a 1 percent drop. Interestingly, you would think that the most profitable web site in the world would have one but that most dangerous web site in the world I just peek more people’s curiosity. They wanted to see what was going on. And this one is a little bit more personalized.

Your first dollar of 2011 “first name” – 19% + open rate

your first dollar of 2020 John. This one had a nineteen point seven percent open rate. That’s over 3 percent of the previous. That one’s good. And then finally the last one is

this is not an email – 23% + open rate

Those are a few examples. If you want to test and tweet and come up with but just always don’t be afraid to try something new and just keep testing and keep reading you, it’s, and you’re going to be fine.

Subject lines are important from the first email to the last. We increased by 8 percent just by changing the subject line. Eight percent open rate increases. That’s huge. If you’ve got to know a thousand people on your list, that’s 80 people that open the email didn’t open it before just because you change the subject lines something quite simple to do. By the way, the subject lines are extremely important because if no one opens your email, they don’t read the content they don’t click the link. We’ve kind of talked about that a lot in this training but always tell what your list responds to everybody’s list is going to be different. Yours is going to be different than mine. Mine will be different than somebody else’s always test.

In the next section of this article, we’re going to talk about your content and how to write compelling content that’s going to get people to click and go to your offer.

Tips for Email Content That Converts More

In this last part of this article, we’re going to talk about content that converts and sending emails with the proper content and make sure that you get the clicks on the links in your email.

Major Goals for Email Content:

  • Make People to Take Targeted Action
  • Keeping the Unsubscribe Rate Low
  • Low Spam Complaints
  • High Click-Through Ration

They go to the offers people will buy the content goals we have here are one to get people to take action. We want to make sure you will take action and do what we want them to do. We also want to make sure that we have low unsubscribed rates. When people click at the bottom of the email and unsubscribe and opt-out of our list if you send out an email to 100 people and 20-30 people opt-out, that’s not a good thing—the case you want to keep that low. We also want to get the low spam complaints. Spam is where people complain that they’re getting emails from you to the actual autoresponder. There’s a place, and every autoresponder at the bottom of the email, they can click and complain. We don’t want that. We also want to get a high click-through ratio, which is the same thing as getting people to take action.

Best Practices in Email Content writing:

  • Relevant Content
  • Short Email with Links for High Click-Through Rate
  • Long Content for Low Unsubscribe Ratio

You want people to read our content and click and go onto the offer. To achieve these goals, we want to make sure that the content is relevant content personalized and sent niche specifically to the right people is going to lower your unsubscribed and spam complaint rate. It’s just that simple. Make sure that your content is extremely relevant. We talked about this before. I can’t hammer more enough that you need to make sure that you have relevant content going to the right people. There are two different ways this injury, even though he can do a short email with links.

Short-form Emails:

Sure emails are just short and sweet. I just say a couple of things. Put the link in there. Typically, this is going to drive a higher click-through ratio. The short email with links typically drives a higher click ratio because you didn’t get much of the emails. They want to click on the link and see what’s going on. That doesn’t necessarily mean it’s a higher conversion ratio. The other way you can do it is through a long-form email with links.

Long content form Emails:

Longer emails with a lot of content while they do give people more time to leave the email and not click on the links. They go a long way in building trust and building rapport, and they lower your subs and your spam complaint rate dramatically. When it’s a good long email, and it’s not just an email with links in it and this not a lot of content, it’s going to lower unsubscribe. It’s going to lower your subscriber rate and spam complaint rate.

A couple of advice for writing your email content:

A couple of bits of advice for writing your content for one.

Give your audience commands  

Tell people what to do. To tell them to click, going to tell them what you want them to do. Most people don’t know what to do. You’ve got to let them know what the next step is. They like what they’re hearing, and they like what they’re seeing. Click on this link for more information and click on this link. Check out this great resource. Things like that.

First Name Code:

You also use the first name code just like we did in the subject line. You can use the first name code in the email. The first name code strategy works well to personalize your email and lower your spam and unsubscribe rates. People know the emails directly to them. They’re not typically you’re not going to get spammed unless it’s just completely irrelevant. You use the first name code, and also remember that using the first name code and giving commands lower, you unsubscribe they lower you are of spam rate. But they also increase your click rate. The more personal it is, the more likely they are to click through and go check out the offer.

higher unsubscribe rates cost you money:

Remember that higher unsubscribe rates cost you money. It’s money you invested in getting the traffic to get the lead. And when they have subscribed, you’ve lost them forever unless they resubscribe later. It costs you a lot of money. Remember, the goal is to lower those rates and increase our click rate. My advice to you when you’re first starting is to send longer emails; in the beginning, send longer emails with more content and make sure do two to three links in the email just send longer emails. Don’t just send the quick links. You don’t get a lot of spam complaints in this way.


You want to maximize the click-through rates of the people that open your email – send longer emails and first starting. Going to help you a lot and you do that. And then one thing you never want to do. You never want to use spammy words. Most platforms have a spam meter that will tell you in real-time while you’re writing your email how spammy it is. If it gives you an indication that your email is a little bit too spammy. Never send it. Spam emails are going to go to people’s bulk folder. It’s going to get their spam folder. They’re probably never going to see it in the first place, and if they do and they complain enough, you can get your account shut down. Never use spam words. Make sure that you’re optimizing your subject lines make sure you’re optimizing your content. Start with a longer email to kind of build trust build a relationship lower those unsubscribing spam rates and also increase your click-through rate. I hope all the above tips and strategies will increase your conversion rate in your next email campaign. Share this article on your social platforms to make it reach to all those marketing people. Drop a comment below if you have any questions.

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I'm Jitender Reddy the Founder of Digital Clerks. Digital Clerks Is an Agency with Tools and Content That Help Entrepreneurs. I Concentrate on the Development of Digital Marketing, SEO. PPC, Social Media Marketing, and Email Marketing Educational Content in Order to Help Individuals Like You to Expand the Power of Tactical Digital Marketing to Grow Your Business Online.
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I'm Jitender Reddy the Founder of Digital Clerks. Digital Clerks Is an Agency with Tools and Content That Help Entrepreneurs. I Concentrate on the Development of Digital Marketing, SEO. PPC, Social Media Marketing, and Email Marketing Educational Content in Order to Help Individuals Like You to Expand the Power of Tactical Digital Marketing to Grow Your Business Online.
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