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Guide for Setting Up an Effective Landing Page and Email Lists

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We're going to learn how to set up your list. At the end of the day, what we're all about here is to make sure that people are getting relevant emails to the niche that we're targeting.

Table of Contents

Segmentation of Email List and Setting Up Your Email List with an Effective Autoresponders

We will be looking into best practices in setting up email lists in an effective way. We don’t want to be sending emails about weight loss to someone interested in dating relationship advice. We don’t want to be sending emails about dating and relationship advice to someone who wants to learn how to make money online. It’s a real quick way to have people unsubscribe from your list to report you’re spammy. All kinds of bad things can happen because you want to make sure that people are getting relevant emails to them that you’re targeting. We’re going to do a segment of our list for each opt-in page that you have. You’ve got a diet page, a weight loss page, and a dating page.

You’re going to send leads for each one of those pages to a special list. To its list, your dieting page will send leads to your diet list, which you’ll send them the autoresponder email for that list. Setting up separate mailing lists is all very easy inside your autoresponder. After the setup it should be like your weight loss page will send your traffic to your weight loss list and then get the autoresponder email for that specific list, and then dating is an auto-responder email for dating as well. Each list and each page will have their specific list and particular autoresponder that they’re going to. Separate lists and separate auto-responders is very important that you do this. You do this correctly, and you set all this up before you get any traffic. All of this will be set up as on as you start generating traffic, everything goes to the right place, and you can start building a relationship and promoting to your list.

Setting Up Auto-Responders

Your autoresponder is as on as someone offs in your list, they’re going to get an email with your premium instantly. In this email, you’ll think of them for joining your newsletter. You’ll give them directions to download their premium. You must get the premium to them immediately. As on as they are opt-in, it’s going to be set up in the autoresponder to where they are, then they’re going to get their email with the directions to download their premium. Now one cool thing you can do since your email that you the first email they get on the other one is the most open email you can promote a relevant product to them in the P.S.

Make Sure That You’re Giving Them That Content

If it’s your diet list, then send them a diet product that you can promote the link. Then go to that product right then and click and buy. As I said, it’s because I’m on the other one is the most open email. We want to make sure that we take advantage of that extremely high open-rate. We need to make sure that we’re promoting something just don’t make it that they’ll make the promotion with the first email all about you to make sure that you’re giving them that content that’s helping them get their premium which is cool because it’s content that you’ve got to send anyway. It’s just it’s like giving them that gift.

Broadcast Email to Increase Your Traffic:

The other kind of email that you’re going to be sending our broadcast emails. The autoresponder is going to send email based on when they joined. You can set it up and your autoresponder to send out mail immediately when they are done, and then you can have the mail set up for two days later and then another two days later. You can have it all built out. Depending on when they join, that’s when they’re going to receive that communication from you. But broadcast is something that you’re going to send your whole list at one time. You send it to 100% of your list. You do this manually. And broadcast is a great way to get an influx of traffic to an offer. If you want to make a ton of money and you’ve got a big list, and there’s a new product out that you want to promote. That’s extremely relevant to your list. You can just send out a broadcast email a one-time email. With the link to the product, and they can get the email. And read your content and buy the products is a great way to make money. Those are the two different types, and we’re going to get more into how to use each type of autoresponder and broadcast, but I just want to give you the broad stress in this section. And then, in the next video, we’re going to talk about creating your opt-in pages.

By the end of this section:

  • Make Sure to Segment Your List.
  • Make Sure You Have Different Lists for Different Niche and
  • Make Sure The Email That You’re Sending Is Relevant

You can go ahead create your premium and then get the directions and all that set up in your email you can choose a product that you want to promote in that niche you could put that in the piece of the email.

How to Create Effective Opt-In Landing Page That Grows Your Email List

In this section, we’re going to talk about creating your opt-in pages and the different types of opt-in pages that you can create.

Different Types of Opt-In Pages

The whole point of the options pages is that you’re going to need a form to capture your emails. You can always ask for a name and email to be able to personalize emails. When you’re creating your opt-in page, you’ve seen pages where they just ask for your email. And a lot of people say you can do this. And while sometimes you can. I think it’s always better just to get the name and email because you can personalize his emails, and that’s going to increase your overall conversions. When you have a higher conversion, you’re going to make more money. It’s always good to get the name in the email, and I’ll tell you why and exactly how we’re going to personalize those emails with that name.

Three Different Types of Opt-In Pages

  • Squeeze Page
  • Blog Subscribe
  • Mega Squeeze Page

squeeze page:

  • No Relationship with the Visitors
  • Easy to Build
  • Direct to the Topic
  • Can Be Optimized Easily
  • Little Content
  • Low Cost

A squeeze page is just going to be a straight form where you show the offer to show the free premium. And they just enter their name and email. There’s no real relationship with the squeeze page. It has nothing to do with your company, your brand, or you personally, it’s just about the topic. To squeeze pages are very easy to build. Someone on Elance Guru or any other Freelancing Platforms will do this for you for very cheap. Or you can pretty much build one yourself easily. As I said, it’s all about the topic. It’s all about the niche that you’re talking about. Squeeze pages are easy to optimize that case you’re going to want to optimize your squeeze pages constantly, make them better and better, and better to up your opt-in rate and on and forth.

Experts/Guru squeeze page:

  • 50/50 Relationship
  • Visitors Might Have Already Heard Your Brand Already
  • Little Content
  • Easy to Follow-Up
  • Chances of Hight Conversion

The mega squeeze page is more of a 50/50 relationship topic. Squeeze page it’s more geared towards someone who’s trying to build a brand. If you’re a guru, if you’re trying to make a name for yourself, you would use a guru squeeze page when you do end up emailing your audience. They kind of know your brand already. It’s just like a regular squeeze page. There’s very little content on the page. It’s more or less just about the premium. And maybe the newsletter or whatever you’re offering is course it’s relevant to your niche, but there’s not a lot of content here. And then now obviously the guru squeeze page will help in the follow-up sequence because you’ve got that relationship built.


  • Existing Relationship (Mostly)
  • Content (Pre-Sell)
  • Optimize and Maximize Chances with Popups and Lightbox
  • More Content = More Trust

Then finally we’ve got a blog. The blog is all about the relationship, and the blog has a lot of content. Content is great because it helps you pre-sell. Let’s say you end up in your blog talking a lot about a certain niche you’re talking about health and fitness and why it’s important to know the certain types of workouts, and then they end up opting in. You give them the premium, which is probably relevant to what your blog is related to. But then you that offer with the p.s. Promo in it when you send them the first email if directions to download their premium with that p.s. Promo in it and they’ve already kind of been known on the idea. It’s a great way to not only build a relationship but just deliver a lot of free stuff to your audience. You can use a popup lightbox form which makes the rest of the page go down, and you’ve probably seen it pops up, and you can enter your name and email there, and it’s almost like me you have to do before you can read the rest of the content. And these do very well. The lightbox pop ups increase your options have been known to increase options a lot. Always good to use that and do a little research on how to set that up exactly. The blog is like we said mainly about relationships. It’s a great way to deliver content.

What type of landing page should you choose?

For starters, the squeeze page is the easiest one if you’re just getting started if you haven’t done anything like this before. You may want to go to the squeeze page. It’s standard pretty easy and pretty easy to customize. Pretty easy to optimize. You don’t have to give away a lot of content. Pretty straightforward. But then once you’ve gotten this down, you started to build the list. My advice is to move on to the blog. The blog holds more content equals more trust. Is going to lead to higher conversions. Once someone’s on your list because if they already read a bunch of stuff from you, they already know you, and they already like what you have to say, and they already are in rapport. Then it’s just going be that much easier when it comes time to get them to try to buy from you. I would start this week’s page then move on to the blog, and then you can do the guru page. It’s more of a hybrid model. You can use this for branding purposes in case if you’re trying to build a brand for a company or yourself. The experts/guru squeeze page is excellent for doing that as well.

We will Learn More about How to Get Traffic to Your Landing Pages? Our Upcoming Article About Best Practices to Get More Traffic Through Organic Results and Paid Methods

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I'm Jitender Reddy the Founder of Digital Clerks. Digital Clerks Is an Agency with Tools and Content That Help Entrepreneurs. I Concentrate on the Development of Digital Marketing, SEO. PPC, Social Media Marketing, and Email Marketing Educational Content in Order to Help Individuals Like You to Expand the Power of Tactical Digital Marketing to Grow Your Business Online.
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Jithender Reddy
I'm Jitender Reddy the Founder of Digital Clerks. Digital Clerks Is an Agency with Tools and Content That Help Entrepreneurs. I Concentrate on the Development of Digital Marketing, SEO. PPC, Social Media Marketing, and Email Marketing Educational Content in Order to Help Individuals Like You to Expand the Power of Tactical Digital Marketing to Grow Your Business Online.
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