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7 Free and Proven Content Marketing Tips to Skyrocket Your Blog Traffic

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You're Going to Learn Free and Proven Methods That Are Going to Help You Generate More Blog Traffic. These Methods Have Significant Impacts. These Aren't the Methods That You Get Five Extra Visitors. These Are Methods Where If You Apply Them Over the Long Term Can Change to a Trajectory of Your Blog.

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This article is going to show you the methods that help you to make those high-level jumps and those high-level jumps have a massive impact on not just your blog put your brand your reputation your credibility and all the people who get to come in contact. So getting a lot of blog traffic is essential. This article is going to show the most effective ways to achieve that traffic. There are some efficient methods you can use in or not just to get that traffic but get it faster and with less work on your end.

Internal Linking strategies – Why and How?

Getting people to say on your blog for an extended period is essential for that blog to rank better on the search engines and to get people to stay on your blog longer that tells sites like Google and Bing that your blog is so good that people are spending all this time on it. Now one of the great ways that you can get people to stay on your blog longer is to link out to your content internally. When you write a new blog post look for ways to link to your older blog posts and when you go through your earlier blog posts updates some of your best ones and have them link out to your new work content and what this strategy will do is to provide your readers with more options. Now you’re not overwhelming them with dozens of different options. It’s just three to five various links for any given blog post that link back to your content, and these options allow readers to get more specific in an area.

So let’s say for block post three ways to get more twitter followers, one of the tips is getting more retweet because if you get more read tweets, you get more exposure, and more exposure means more followers. But what about the person who has no idea how to get more read tweets. Well, you can include a link that says, Click This Link to Learn the Top 10 Methods You Can Use to Get More Traffic That Leads – that lead to one of your older blog posts keeps people on your blog for a more extended period and results in a higher search engine ranking. Doing this takes as little as five minutes per blog post because as you write more blog posts, you’ll have a bigger arsenal to choose. And even if you don’t have many blog posts, to begin with, you can write your blog posts so that they each fall a specific theme, and they’re easy to mention within one another. The internal link structure that will result in people viewing several of your blog posts within one visit and

• Lowering Your Bounce Rate,
• Increasing Time on Site, and
• Giving You More Traffic but Also
• More Engaged Traffic Since Your Visitors Is Sticking Around Longer.

Add Sources and Proofs to Your Content Statistics:

People like to read blog posts that are high in value, and a lot of effort put into these blog posts, and they find so much great information.

One way to create that appeal for your blog posts is to conduct research that supports what you are saying within your content. Suppose you could pull out a statistic that is relevant to the topic you are discussing. Adding a high authority source or a case study by someone else as a reference will add more value to your content because you significantly strengthen an idea that will leave your visitor better off than they wore before. Proper content gets more social shares. The more social shares you’re going to get. The more people are going to come back to your blog and putting in the research, that does take a little longer than doing something like internally linking your content with one of your blog posts. But if you feel like the research is such a burden, you can outsource that work to a freelancer, and by doing that, you save time, and you get to come out with higher value content.

The Winners of Content Marketing Are the Ones Who Make Value Their Top Priority

Even if you feel like you write viable blog posts, still look for ways to make your content more valuable. It is. I don’t want to say the pursuit of perfection but is to pursue that status you can achieve in which you are as close to perfect as possible even though perfection is just something that it’s a false concept. But if you do all this research or hire someone to do the research. Your blog posts are going to come out much superior to as they were without the study. If you link to prominent sources like Huffington Post, CNN and others then google is going to, and other search engines are going to reward you with a higher search ranking because search engines like it when you link to credible sources. So you get better blog posts, and you get better search engine visibility just by doing some research or even hiring someone to research for you and including those little tidbits within your blog posts.

How Important Is Content-Length to Keep Visitors Onsite for Longtime?

We currently live in a state of the content stock, in which there is so much content to consume on the web, but there’s not enough time for us to consume it.

So, we have to produce content that is going to stand out from the crowd. And I know this is a phrase that we hear a lot, but it’s especially important now because there’s so much content but so little time.

Why Would People Be Willing to Spend Some of Their Time to Read Your Content?

An exciting thing that has been proven based on data research from Google itself is that the longer blog posts typically (i mean most of the top 10 results on google are) these two thousand word blog posts. Writing that much content means you should provide an intense amount of value within one blog post writing these long-form blog posts. So it makes it easier for you to insert data that you obtain and even you learn from research. It makes it easier for you to link to your other content internally, so every other part of optimizing your content becomes more comfortable when you write longer content. People are going to stay on your blog longer because it takes longer to read those 2000 word blog post than a 200-300 word blog post. This viable content is going to attract people who come back again and again and eventually become subscribers and eventually become returning customers. You have to start capitalizing on creating lengthy content that provides an intense amount of value. People will appreciate you for providing that much value within one blog post, and they’ll eagerly come back for more.

Promoting Your Content Through Content Blogging:

Guest blogging is one of the most powerful ways to get more traffic for your blog. You put your content on someone else’s blog after they’ve approved it after you follow their guidelines, and then you get to promote yourself at the end. So depending on the person who you write the content for, you promote your landing page, which would be great because you’re leading people directly to the page where you want them to answer their email address. So you want to meet as many people to your landing page as possible so for your guest blogging if you can link to your landing page. If not going to your web site because that will give you a backlink. Google Bing the other search engines will appreciate you for that, and they’ll send more traffic in your way because of backlinks there like votes as you get more back. That’s more blog owner saying this person offers such great content that I decide to link to his or her blog. And as these votes these back things add up, you’re going to get more search engine traffic.

We Have a Detailed Guide on Guest Blogging Here in Which we Explained

  • How to Increase Your Traffic Through Guest Blogging
  • How to Get Guest Posts on Your Blog
  • and How to Use Social Media for Guest Blogging Opportunites

You Can Find More Details About Guest Blogging Here >>>

Save You Time by Outsourcing Time Consuming Repetitive Tasks:

  • One of the best things you could do for your blogging strategy is to outsource some of your work to freelancers. I prefer Upwork and freelancer to hire my freelancers to do some of my tasks.
  • You need to hire who is especially good at the specific skills that you need. Some of the things I’ve outsourced our social media posts, blog post-editing, etc. Those are just some of the few I could think of right away. And outsourcing all of these things is important because now you have more time open to do more things you could write more blog posts.
  • You could spend more time promoting your blog so that it reaches more people. But these are some general rules of outsourcing
  • The first strong communication between you and the freelancer that is critical for success. To communicate with them very often within the first week but then let the freelancer do his or her own thing, monitor them from a distance, but don’t micromanage just when you analyze every little thing. The freelancers do.
  • There comes the point when you have to trust the freelancer because if you micromanage everything, the freelancer does. You’re not saving time. Instead of doing the task, you are just merely supervising someone who is doing the job for the duration of that person’s work, which is a big no-no if you’re micromanaging.
  • It’s better to have someone expensive does the job very well than to hire an inexpensive freelancer who doesn’t do the job right all the time. You have sleepless nights because you’re thinking about all this stuff. So when you’re outsourcing, make sure you go for the best freelancers who apply to your job.
  • Establish strong communication and avoiding micromanaging just once you feel comfortable confident. Let the freelancer do the work because you are already paying them to do.
  • The final rule of thumb look at how much you are spending on a freelancer and ask yourself, am I using this extra time to make more money. Then I’m spending so if you gave a freelancer. Any task that involves 25 hours each week and you pay a freelancer $10 an hour so a 250$ per week. So within those 10 hours that you gave yourself, how are you making more than one hundred dollars. That’s the question you have to ask yourself to determine if you can continue expanding, and you also want to make sure you are outsourcing the right things. Don’t just outsource everything only outsource the jobs that you don’t enjoy doing that are still necessary for the survival and growth of your business.

Create a Unique Blog Post Structure Plan:

A great way to speed up content creation is to establish a writing plan that you live by when it comes to writing every single one of your blog posts.

  • If You’ve Been Reading Enough My Blog Post, You’ll Notice I Always
  • Start with an Introduction After the Introduction.
  • It Kind of Leads to the Tactics I’m About to Discuss. I Discuss the Tactics One by One.
  • Then I Have a Conclusion and
  • at the Very End That the Conclusion, I Always Ask a Few Questions to Entice Discussion Within the Comments

So that the writing pattern that I follow for all of my blog posts. The reason that writing coming up with this writing pattern is so important is that now you’re less focused on how I am structuring my content. You are more focused on how do I make my content better. That’s the same reason why we come out with outlines we do not think what do I write about next we’re thinking how do I improve what I’m currently writing. And if you think about how do I improve what I’m currently writing, you are going to come out with more valuable blog posts. They’re going to garner more attention from people within your targeted audience, and that’s going to result in more traffic more subscribers more sales. The big three things that all bloggers want and also social media followers that so coming up with this writing pattern will give you all those results make it quicker for you to write blog posts, so you write the same thing within a short period. And having that power gives you more time to focus on other parts of your blogging strategy and other parts of your business as well, such as creating products offering services and everything else that is a part of your business.

Create a Schedule for Your Content Writing Content:

The time that you choose to write impacts on how much content you are going to write and how quickly you produce that content and the value of that kind. Selecting the optimal time varies from person to person. Some people work well early in the morning. Other people, they were good late at night. My recommendation, though, is to take the early morning approach because waking up in the morning getting work done before the day can interrupt or anything could happen. Your willpower is at your peak, and you were going to write the content at a faster pace than you would later in a day when maybe you’ve been challenged by different things that happened to you in the day because as the day goes on, there are more reasons to lose motivation. But when you wake up, your motivation is at its absolute peak.

I know that there is that night owl argument of you could stay up late to create the content and do everything you need to do for your blocking strategy. But my argument against that is that it is proven that if you stay up late and get those adverse symptoms the loss of health like all the bad things that you don’t want in your life. And if you let all those bad things creep into your life, then you better believe it’s going to affect your content value over time. So that’s why I recommend writing early in the morning because it’s a great way to start the day. And if you start today productive if you start that first hour productive, which dictates how the rest of your day will go. Then you will have a very productive day ahead of you, not just with writing content also doing everything else for your blogging strategy and your business as a whole.

Quick Tip:

One of the Biggest Bed Unnoticeable Habits That Can Hurt You and Blogging Is to Let Things Linger.

What I mean by that is you write the draft, but you don’t edit it. You don’t schedule it. You don’t schedule the social media posts, and you let all those things linger, and you think about them on occasion and figure out what you haven’t done. All of these small things do add up. And I think about them you are blocked from your true potential, and you will not be able to write as high volume blog posts because you’re more focused on what you didn’t do than the task at hand. So when you have to schedule a blog post, please schedule it. Don’t wait for yourself to feel better to schedule it. Don’t wait to feel in the perfect mood. Don’t just like put it in the dashboard forget about because all of those thoughts are going to linger and you may even forget someone forgets to schedule and published the blog post at the right time frame. So when you commit to a task, don’t stop halfway.


Those are the 7 steps that will make your content marketing more effective and lead to noticeable growth in your blog traffic. It might take a little bit of time to adjust to the plan and stick to it but once you habituated to the procedure you will feel notice the change within a few weeks both in your content and traffic.

Don’t forget read our guest posting techniques blog post here >>>

I just want to thank you right now for taking the time to go through this entire article. You can always ask a question. Ask a question about your blogging journey about getting more traffic, and we will try to answer it.

I look forward to seeing you become successful and see your traffic increase. And don’t forget to subscribe to our blog for regular updates.

Thank you for taking the time to go through this article. I greatly appreciate it, and I look forward to seeing your blog succeed.

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Jithender Reddy
I'm Jitender Reddy the Founder of Digital Clerks. Digital Clerks Is an Agency with Tools and Content That Help Entrepreneurs. I Concentrate on the Development of Digital Marketing, SEO. PPC, Social Media Marketing, and Email Marketing Educational Content in Order to Help Individuals Like You to Expand the Power of Tactical Digital Marketing to Grow Your Business Online.
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Jithender Reddy
I'm Jitender Reddy the Founder of Digital Clerks. Digital Clerks Is an Agency with Tools and Content That Help Entrepreneurs. I Concentrate on the Development of Digital Marketing, SEO. PPC, Social Media Marketing, and Email Marketing Educational Content in Order to Help Individuals Like You to Expand the Power of Tactical Digital Marketing to Grow Your Business Online.
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