How to Find the Best Seo Keywords Using Google and Its Free Tools

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In this post, we will find out how to get the best SEO keywords from free google tools itself.

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From Our Previous Digital Clerks Blog Posts, You might have understood how relevant keywords are for SEO. In this post, we will find out how to get the best SEO keywords from free google tools itself.

Best Keywords for SEO:

SEO means search engine optimization. It is a process that makes your website more search engine friendly. A search engine is just an extensive computer program that operates online. If your website is search engine friendly, then it is more likely that the search engine will place your website further up the search engine results.

The search engines work by using keywords. Keywords/key-phrases are the things that people type into search engines to find websites. If a search engine matches their keywords with the ones that appear on your website, then it will show the user a link to your site. That means that putting the right keywords on your website is vital. We have mentioned some methods to find some good ones.

Start by Brainstorming Some Keyword Ideas:

Have a good long think about the sorts of keywords that people are going to enter to find your website. It is not as difficult as it seems, since you should already be fairly close to the industry, and should already know a little bit about your potential viewers. Start with the words that you would type in, and then start thinking about how they may differ (or match) the ones that your potential viewers will enter into the search engines.

get Ideas from the Keywords of Your Competition:

Your competing websites will have already done their SEO, and so will have pages full of keywords on their websites. Look at each of their pages for clues to their keywords. You may also look at your competitions meta keywords. You will find these in the source code of each web page. If you are using ie, then you should be able to look at the source code of any web page you visit. On the browser menu, you will find the “source” option under “view.”

Use the Google Adwords Keyword Tool:

This tool is ideal for anyone who is doing keyword research because it is free, it is easy to use, and it is very up to date. You will need to sign up for a free AdWords account to gain access to their keyword tool. You enter a keyword into the tool, and it comes up with hundreds of alternatives for you to use. It will also show you how popular some of them are. This may help you if you are trying to find the right long-tailed keywords.

Long-tailed keywords are phrases of more than one word that appear in sequence. For example, “homes” is a keyword, and “estate agent” is a key-phrase. “Hyderabad Real Estate Agent” is a long-tailed keyword.

Use the Google Search Engine Itself:

If you have a few keywords that you think are important, then try a few of them in the google search engine. If websites that are competing with you appear, then your keywords are probably good. If many results are unrelated to your website then you may wish to reconsider your keywords. It is not that the keywords are not relevant, it is just that if people see results that are unrelated to what they are searching for, then they are liable to try other keywords instead.

Use the Google Suggestions:

These are what appear as you start typing your search term. They will also look when your potential viewers begin to search for your website. There is a strong possibility that people are going to go down the suggestion list and click one of the options. Therefore, you should look at the keywords within the suggested searches. That way, when people click the suggestions, there is a good chance that they will click on your website.

Do Not Forget to Use Words Specific to Your Business:

Never forget that some people are going to look for your website by name. They may type in the name of your business or may type in the domain name of your website into the search engine. Therefore, you should always remember to use things such as your company name or website name as keywords too. The good thing is that you are probably the only website that optimizes your business name in a big way, so there is a higher chance of your website appearing first in the search engine results.

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