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With 4400% ROI and $44 for every $1 spent as per the latest report from the campaign monitor Email marketing is the king of the marketing kingdom. While there are many benefits of using other platforms for marketing this stat from email marketing that keeps you in business.

 “Email is 40 times more effective at acquiring new customers than Facebook or Twitter” – McKinsey

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72 percent of consumers prefer email as their source of business communication.

So, next time when someone says email marketing is an old tactic of marketing and it’s not going to work anymore think twice. Email is still one of the best methods among the top 5 methods of marketing. For most of the business to interact with their leads or prospects on a personal level. 88 percent of smartphone users actively check email on their phones. This makes it more popular than any other app for both iPhones and Androids or any other software. We will ensure that our clients get exactly what they want and that there is no confusion during the design, development, and deployment process

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Marketing is messy, particularly when you have a complex organization with multiple products, channels and audiences to navigate and motivate. There are lots of options and opportunities — Do you need to re-brand? Do you need a new website? Do you need social, digital or traditional advertising? It can be challenging to pick the right strategy and execute the best solution, particularly when there are a lot of needs and only a little budget.

We want to establish exactly what it is that you and your company are trying to accomplish. This involves discussing your wants, needs, marketing goals, budget, financial situation, and us becoming familiar with as many aspects of your company as possible. Using the information, you have provided us, we will develop a strategic plan which gives a solution that will satisfy your needs and goals. We work together to establish your needs and marketing goals and, in the process, become familiar with every aspect of your business.

Tell us about business we’ll tell you how we can help you to people hear your Brand through our Email Marketing Campaigns

We always listen to our customers, we help them not just to reach but to exceed their goals. Benchmark and Execution of Impactful, integrated programs that work. We can design solutions that you implement, or, if you prefer, we can do the execution and steward them on your behalf. Our experience working across multi-channel platforms means we know how to get things done on time, on budget and with the right metrics to measure results.

Sales Generating Emails

  • Announcement Email
  • Direct Emails
  • Welcome Email
  • Offer Email

Brand Loyalty Emails

  • Survey Email
  • Transnational Emails
  • Seasonal Campaign
  • Dedicated Emails

Customer Retention Emails

  • Post-Purchase Drip Emails
  • Sponsorship Emails
  • Request Emails
  • Thank you Emails

Customer Win-Back Emails

  • Abandoned Cart Emails
  • Re-targeting campaign Emails
  • Freebie Emails
  • Inactive Email

Discover Goals For your Email Campaign

During the initial phase of an Emailing project, we conduct meetings to accurately determine their needs and Goals.  Understand Management’s Brand Customer Experience Strategy. Discover is where we talk to a lot of people, ask a lot of questions and analyse every piece of data we can get our hands on.

Email Template Design

Comply on the initial phase of plan details. Re-analyse discovers phase plan outline. Our team will design your website to your specifications, consistent with your strategic goals and budget. The design is not just the creative expression of the brand; it is creating the context, the content and the connection between the brand and the customer.

Developing Email Campaign Strategy

It is not uncommon to go through the define, design, develop, and deployment stages many times before the final product is where everyone desires. To put it simply, the design stage of the methodology is a very dynamic process and requires the most patience, but the resulting payoff is immense.

Affordable and Result Oriented Email Campaigns

There will also be client training available at the beginning of the deployment stage. Our experience working across multi-channel platforms means we know how to get things done on time, on budget and with the right metrics to measure results.

Email Marketing Case Studies

Digital Clerks is Your One Point Solution for Your All Kinds of Email Marketing Needs we Offer Complete Service of Emailing From Creating Templates for Your Mailing to Delivering them to Your Customer Inbox.

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“93% of online experiences begin with a search engine” , So where you want to rank?

We’re a creative digital marketing agency, helps you to generate more ROI than just traffic. We drive traffic and Sales. We Deliver Sustainable growth in your lead generation and sales growth for your business. 

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