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Search Engine Friendly Designs for E-commerce Stores

E-Commerce Services

We are E-Commerce Experts

We are one stop solution for all your E-commerce SEO needs. Increase Your E-commerce Business Sales with guidance of Experts. We are not here to increase your traffic alone we increase your Leads, Sales to increase your ROI. We help in displaying your E-commerce business on the top results in your targeted search engine. E commerce which became the trending category of business in these days which looks like going to be the future of sales. To be on the top of the competition it will only be possible when you use the proper well strategized E commerce SEO services. Digital Clerks team is exceptionally productive in making any e-commerce business visible on targeted search engines and to get sustainable results within a targeted time to reach goals.

We always make sure that all the strategies are build on “personalization”, which is most effective way of implementing a strategy. An effective digital strategy should always be measurable and flexible.

79% of consumers click on organic listings first

With our Experiences team we already know most of your basic requirements which will make it easier for Digital Clerks team to form effective strategies and provide enhanced search results on search engines.  We help you in Local SEO to help drive local organic traffic to your E commerce store which mostly targeted audience section for more than 60% of E commerce Business. Targeting a wrong keyword will never leads any campaign in a profitable way. We will take care of your Site structure, Technical SEO and Keyword research. Our team will help you in optimizing product keyword tags, Meta Tags, Meta Descriptions for product catalogues, help you with tracing your site analytics with google analytics integration, Descriptions and product feeds for submitting them to big retailers Amazon, eBay, Flipkart etc.

Affordable prices for all sizes of E-Commerce Stores

Optimizing Every product on your store will be the best way to start your E-commerce SEO, when you are going to list any product on your store there are always things to be considered which are more important to rank on any search engine. We will give you the best solution in inserting meta tags for your product listings, Descriptions and relevant product alternative names, the best optimized pictures and alt tag for each image.

The technical SEO report includes Schema Markup, site speed, Structure of your E-commerce website, Image Optimization, Page size optimization, Dynamic and responsiveness check or your website, Meta Tags, Heading Tags, Page Speed, URL Structure, Interlinking etc. We provide detailed report on our works every month with results we achieved, what tasks have been accomplished and developed ranking s for your store on different metrics and keywords.

Product and Content Optimization

We will give you the best solution in inserting meta tags for your product listings, Descriptions and relevant product alternative names, the best optimized pictures and alt tag for each image.  Includes Meta tags, Descriptions for Products, Creative and Descriptive Product Titles, Proper Call-to-Action Buttons, Up sell and Cross-Sell Products guidance.

Social Media Presence and Link Building for E-commerce

We will help your social media presence visible to all your targeted prospects with proper content to them into your leads. We will help you in getting links from the top sites which could provide We make eCommerce websites into high-revenue generating machines and Make sure to Create Features That Makes Your Products and services Shareable. Get started now! take necessary steps to build brand value.

Search Engine Friendly Designs for E-commerce Stores

We create the digital strategies which are goal oriented with scalable results. Always start with finding an opportunity and make strategy based on existing data and act towards the goal. Selecting Which media to use for your marketing strategy is always complicated. We set up the most suitable marketing campaigns in function of the results based upon data analysis. 

Data Management

The key purpose behind data management strategy is to make sure analyse the stored data to take out the best results in making any future marketing strategies. It includes storing the data securely, monitoring and controlling it in proper guidelines. This can ensure consistent growth, best practices in design and implementation, modern technologies, and making effective policies.

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“93% of online experiences begin with a search engine” , So where you want to rank?

We’re a creative digital marketing agency, helps you to generate more ROI than just traffic. We drive traffic and Sales. We Deliver Sustainable growth in your lead generation and sales growth for your business. 

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