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Digital Marketing Services Marketplace

Digital Marketing Services

Digital marketing refers to all efforts to promote the brand and managing customer relationships via online channels.

Compared with traditional methods of marketing, digital marketing offers realistic cost, effective methods of targeting and tracking outcomes and efficient systems for generating reports that can be used to increase the performance of marketing campaigns online in real-time.

What we gain through digital marketing?

Popularity – in terms of the online reputation can be measured and valued

Feedback – customers are the ones who use the product or service. They correctly interpret the usefulness of what we offer. By processing customer suggestions, we manage to improve our actions.

Revenue – any action taken must lead to online sales. In online marketing, as long as the initial steps are fulfilled, sales will follow.

Branding – a business tool required when selling in a market with the great competition with similar products. Branding can influence consumer purchasing decisions. If you do not control what you do or communicate in the online environment, you risk to transform yourself into what your customer sees and receives, not what you want it to be.

Digital marketing strategy for websites

  • Have a catchy domain name
  • Get your website published online
  • Do not generate error pages, except custom 404 error pages
  • To have visitors and potential for growth
  • Allow the collection of data relating to visitors
  • Implementation tool allowing sites tracking behavior
  • SEO Friendly platform
  • Have a user-oriented navigation
  • Conform to the parameters imposed by the online search engines (metatag sites, W3C validation, internal and external linking)
  • Link building to improve PageRank in Google search engines

Digital marketing services

RM (Reputation Management) Starting from the idea that any product or service advertised in the online environment generates at least a reaction or comment.

The full promotion of the brand in the online brand promotion is done in two stages. In the first step, we capture the attention and then accomplish emphasis on detailed presentation accompanied by explanations, analysis, review, etc.

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