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Team of Creative Young Professionals

About our company

Digital Clerks is a team of creative young professionals, marketing savants, and technical enthusiasts who are always in a hunger to learn more advances in digital trends which become most vital in the current digital trend. After 19 years of combined experience of our team we’ve learned how to give your audience the experience they need in order to convert. On an average we improve conversion rates by over 36% for our clients in less than 6 months.

Digital Media Strategy

We create the digital strategies which are goal oriented with scalable results.

Data Organization

Data Management can ensure consistent growth, best practices in design and implementation, modern technologies, and making effective policies.

Search Engine Friendly

Digital Clerks Team members are Experts in making your website well optimized in On site SEO and Off site SEO.

Our Vision and Mission


We are small independent digital agency everything we do is to be an award winning digital agency in the market by exploiting the new technological advances in the market and to help ambitious businesses build their digital strategies, to provide best and affordable website, SEO, digital marketing and social marketing services to get the clients better web experiences beyond their expectations with solid returns on their investments.


Digital Clerks helps businesses of all sizes to find and engage their customers and consumers online.  We are a one stop solution for all your digital needs that become vital in the current world with the constant technological advancements.

Optimized Websites
Years Of Services

What drives your website great results

Digital online marketing agency is one of the most rapidly growing phenomenon. There are various reasons for why the digital online marketing in India is growing. Though there’s a number of digital channels emerging, the resources available are limited. Nevertheless, an agency may easily look for the specific goal of the business to prioritize the channels for them to focus. An agency may easily assess the requirements of different customers and prioritize the programs which better Meet their needs. They also have a methodology to simplify the work. The agencies providing digital online marketing services are specialised in creating the specific channels or programs which might help the company to attain the targeted market easily.

Page Optimization

  • On Page Optimization
  • Off Page Optimization
  • URL Structure Optimization
  • Keyword Optimization

Internal Site Audit

  • Technical SEO audit
  • Optimizing Website structure
  • Fix redirects and Link issues
  • Broken images & ALT attribute

Content Marketing

  • Creating Engaging Content
  • Content Optimization
  • Visual Content and Infographics
  • Content strategy

Technical SEO

  • Website Speed
  • HTML sitemaps
  • SSL and HTTPS
  • Audit internal links

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